Les présentations de Zeronights

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Il y avait du très lourd cette année à Moscou en Novembre pour la conférence Zeronights.

Zeronights est une conférence technique sur le hacking. Pas de leveurs de fonds de marketeurs et de pigeons à la française là bas. très peu de couverture presse sauf la spécialisée (voir ici par exemple: http://blog.trendmicro.com/trendlabs-security-intelligence/zeronights-conference-report/ ) .

Les présentations faites à Zeronights sont sur le site http://2012.zeronights.org/

et pour gagner du temps les voici ici:


OPSEC: Because Jail is for wuftpd” Felix 'FX' Lindner “Try Harder 2 Be YourselfTalks Atte Kettunen, Miaubiz “Fuzzing at scale and in style” Mateusz 'j00ru' Jurczyk “Windows Kernel Reference Count Vulnerabilities — Case Study” Nicolas Gregoire “That's why I love XML hacking!” Shay Chen “The Diviner — Digital Clairvoyance Breakthrough — Gaining Access to the Source Code & Server Side Memory Structure of ANY Application” Aleksandr Matrosov, Eugene Rodionov “Win32/Flamer: Reverse Engineering and Framework Reconstruction” Alexander Polyakov “How I will break your enterprise” Alexey Troshichev “MiTM attack on iOS: Methodology and consequences” Alisa Shevchenko “A story about nonexistent 0-days, stable exploits for binary applications and user interactions” Andrey Belenko, Dmitry Sklyarov “Dark and Bright Sides of iCloud (In)security” Andrei Costin “On security aspects of ADS-B and other flying technology” Andrey Petukhov, Georgy Noseyevich “ No locked doors, no windows barred: hacking OpenAM infrastructure” Vladimir Vorontsov, Alexander Golovko “SSRF attacks and sockets: smorgasbord of vulnerabilities” Ivan Sorokin “Mac OS X malware overview” Mikhail Fyrstov “A blow against MongoDB” Nikita Abdullin “Modern payments security: EMV, NFC, etc.?” Nikita Tarakanov “The Art of Binary Diffing or how to find 0-dayz for free” Sergey Karasikov “Android behind the scenes: possible attacks and radical defense measuresWorkshops Jean-Ian Boutin “Reversing banking trojan: an in-depth look into Gataka” Michele "antisnatchor" Orru “All you ever wanted to know about BeEF” Alexander Azimov, Artyom Gavrichenkov, Alexander Lyamin “DDoS” Alexander Potapenko, Dmitry Vyukov “Forewarned is forearmed: AddressSanitizer and ThreadSanitizer” Alexey Tyurin “Exploitation of XML-based attacks” Alexey Sintsov “Advanced Exploit Development (x32). Browser Edition” Arseny Reutov, Timur Yunusov, Dmitry Nagibin “Random Numbers. Take TwoFastTrack Alexander Peslyak “New developments in password hashing: ROM-port-hard functions (building upon the ideas of scrypt and security through obesity)” Dmitry 'D1g1' Evdokimov “Python Arsenal for RE” Dmitry 'Chipik' Chastukhin, Gleb Cherbov “Where is my car dude?” Eugeny Sobolev “Typical information security flaws in corporations and large enterprises” Igor Gots, Sergey Soldatov “How to catch your hacker, or Makeshift security” Kirill Samosadny “Mass CSRF attacks via Flash ads” Oleg Kupreev “3G modem infection” Fyodor Yarochkin, Vladimir Kropotov, Vitaly Chetvertakov “Techniques of automatic malware detection system bypass: interesting examples of 2012

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