Est ce que votre password est sûr ?

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Tester la sécurité de votre password est un petit jeu marrant avec



En fait, le site indique le temps qu’il faut pour casser votre mot de passe en force brute.

L’explication est ici:

(number of possible characters to the power of length of the password) divided by calculations per second

Length of the password is nice and easy to work out: it's just the number of characters in your password. For example 'cat' has 3 characters and 'monkey' has 12.

"Monkey has 12?", you ask.

"No it doesn't", I reply, "It's got 6. You should probably learn to count."

Calculations per second is a bit more of a rough figure. On the site it's set to 10,000,000, which is an approximate number of passwords a regular computer might be able to try every second. But it's going to depend on the computer as well as what the password is for. A lot of sites and programs won't let you try more than three passwords in the space of ten minutes, which would render a brute force attack pretty useless.

Number of possible characters is a bit more complicated. For alphanumeric characters it's easy enough: there are 26 possible lowercase characters; uppercase adds another 26; digits add another 10. It gets a bit more tricky after that: there are well over a million other symbols that a computer is capable of putting into a text field – e.g. ?, ß, Й, 葉, ☯. Not all sites and programs can accept these in password fields and different hacking tools will try different non-alphanumeric characters.

Currently this site will only check against the 13 most common symbols in English:

! @ # $ % ^ , & * ? _ ~ -

Any other symbols will be ignored. That's not ideal, but I've not thought of a better system yet.

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